I appreciate your youth, energy and passion for your profession. I have found you to be highly competent with a unique ability to distill complex financial concepts into terms that I don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand. Business is business, but I truly believe our relationship goes beyond that. There have been some difficult times in my life and I have never doubted that your concern for me and my best interests has been sincere.

Retired Business Owner (Client Since 2003)

We have come to value and trust your advice very much. You took the time to learn our style and what is really important to us. We truly believe that you provide your recommendations to us based on what you think is in our best interest the same way you would for your own family

Retired Pharmacy Owners (Clients Since 2006)

I strongly value your ability to bring a rare combination of client-centred education, balanced, fact-based guidance and personal empathy to our relationship. … You have always respected my tolerance for risk and change but have also provided me with valuable education and information – enabling me to comfortably make important changes to address new opportunities. With your help, I have successfully established a solid foundation for a positive financial future.


HR Executive (Client Since 2003)